Thinking about career change?

Are you at the point of your career when you feel it’s time your career had a change. You are not alone, many people find themselves in this position wanting to change their career or change jobs.  

You have many choices ahead of you if you ask yourself some questions about why you want this change of job or career.  If at this point, you are clear on what you want your future to consist of, and want to change thinking about a career change, to actually doing the change.

In my role as career coach,  you are not alone, we will take you to your desired state. The process of making a career change can be a daunting and at times an off putting exercise.  You seek the opinions of your friends and family, and you obtain mixed reviews. I have done this a few times myself, researching  my career change and wondering if I really can do it. If I knew what I know now, that experience would have been a whole more refreshing.  I am able to impart my experience in coaching you through this career change making you see things from a wider perspective, to make you think about why and I will add if you need a career change.

You will be supported all of the way through….Let me know.

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