Career Path: Understand your Core Values.

The identification of your core values, is a useful guide, some would say an imperative one in all that you do. These values can help you to understand what things are important to you and how they affect your working life. It can be of double importance if you are thinking of changing your career path.

To those that are unaware of what core values are, values are described as the things we consider as important to us. Our values drive our decisions, it’s amazing how much they influence us. They are defined as emotional states that we wish to feel or avoid experiencing, hence the situation we face at times when we are in a particular job role, which may not be conducive to our value settings.

It is understanding and listening to these core values that will help you make that right career change for you.

When our values are violated, we become aware of what they are. For example, somebody who likes peace and quiet with repetition, taking on a job in customer service. The repercussions of this, could lead to increased tiredness, loss of interest in life, and potential stress.

Taking this into consideration,  take some time out and identify 10 to 20 values that would be most important to you in your dream job so that you can lead your career path there. When you visualise your ideal work and life what things arise, which values are of importance.

If you are unsure as to what would represent values look at the sample list below, there are many more:

Abundance, Accomplishment, Achievement, Affection, Ambition, Balance, Beauty, Bravery, Calmness, Charity,  Confidence, Dedication, Energy, Family, Generosity, Home Life, Integrity

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