Your Career Path and the Action Plan

Following a new career path is such an important and  big step, so subsequently one needs to have an action plan to support this.   It helps if you begin by setting some goals and then devising your action plan.

A goal is something that you want to achieve, so in this respect it’s ultimately to make a career transition.   It is the end result of what might be a lot of hard work but that hard work will help you realise your dream of working in a career that you’ll love.

There are two types of goals you need to set:  long-term and short-term.  Long term goals can take about three to five years to achieve.  Short term goals can be realised within a year or so.  It’s important to have goals because you need to have something to focus on – keeping your eye on the prize so to speak!  When you are setting goals, you need to keep in mind a few things.  Your goals should be:

  • conceivable: you must be able to put it into words;
  • achievable: you must have the attributes, energy, and time to accomplish it;
  • believable: you must believe you can reach it;
  • achievable within a certain time frame: you must be able to state how long it will take you to reach it;
  • clearly defined: you must know exactly what it is;
  • flexible: you must be willing to modify it as necessary;

Once you have your goals set, you can move on to making an action plan for your career path. This will list all of your goals along with the steps you have to take to realise your goals.  Having all of this information written down will make it more real and motivate you to achieve those goals and realise success.

A career action plan is a road map that takes you from choosing an occupation to becoming employed in that occupation to reaching your long-term career goals.  The career planning process is ongoing, and bi-directional, meaning you can move back to previous steps when you need to gather more information or clarify your choices. Once you have identified an occupation to pursue you should then begin works on your action plan. This will give you the framework to work towards your career transition.

To support these efforts, this link, transferable skills may help you to understand the skills you have now to make your career transition. 

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