Visualise your Ideal Career.

To help you along your way to your much coveted career change, have you ever thought about visualising your ideal career path?

It can be a fantastic way of assisting you to realise your dream role. The way to do this effectively is to undertake a couple of sessions alone for 30 minutes, where you can collate your thoughts as to what you really want and desire.

Once you are in the peaceful spot, remove any negativity or restrictive barriers you may have planted in your mind. If there is any pressing negativity, revisit it later to understand why.  At this point it is all about visualising your perfect career.

What will help is , visualising yourself sometime in the future. It could be a year, two years time, even five years – your choice. The key is choosing a timescale that is far enough in the future for you to attain the change of career your require.

If for example you visualise yourself running your own business , put a plan in place, for your aspirations to become reality. It will help if you begin to write this realisation down.

What do you see in the vision?

Are you indoors or outdoors?

Are you based in a different town or completely a different country?

Ask yourself what are you actually doing in this visualisation?

What tools are you working with if any?

What new things will you be working on?

What things will you need to handle on a daily basis and how will you handle them?

How do you envisage your days to pan out?

This will help to make you realise what you do want in your career and how you expect this to pan out for you.

Only you have the power to make this change. Keep your visions strong and use the notes you made to accompany them as a supporting guide.  The more you refer to them the more it makes your goal become more alive.

If you wish to discuss this with me or any other area you are interested on the blog site, don’t hesitate to contact me for an informal chat…

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