Challenge your Career Assumptions as you embark on a career change

During any challenge or change we go through, at some point, one needs to challenge the assumptions we have of ourselves.  If you are doubting whether you can make a career change, remove those doubts now.When you confront these assumptions or as we say it in the coaching world,” your limiting beliefs”, you are allowing yourself to be free, to think more openly, to move on.

In challenging these assumptions, it allows you to look at your life and how you perceive it and understand what is holding you back from achieving your career goals.

We are programmed to see things in a particular way, or allow others to determine what we can and can’t achieve, it is down to you to remove yourself from this cycle of thought and to move forward with understanding what you want from your career change.

In 1906, The Wright brothers received a patent for their design of the first airplane, turning their dream into reality, how about the challenge to the assumption the earth was flat…

Assumptions have been challenged all through man’s time on this planet, challenge yours to make the career that you choose or to begin your career transition.

If you wish to discuss this further informally, please contact me.

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