Career Path and Your Decisions

When we embark at a decision point it can be like a cross road, the road you choose could be a bumpy one or a clear, short one.  Making a decision on your career path is no different, do you transition to the road you are unfamiliar or do you stick on the road well travelled?

If you decide to stick to the road you are familiar, the old adage familiarity breeds contempt holds true sometimes, as we know there are no guarantees, a calculated risk is worth taking occasionally.

As we have just said there are no guarantees, there are numerous outcomes as to how your career transition could transpire, if you decide to take that leap of faith and go for it.  You are able to heavily influence the outcome by the decisions you choose to make and how you will handle what comes at you.

There is nothing wrong with making a wrong decision, it is how you handle the wrong decision that is key, do not allow this to prevent you from obtaining your dream job and the career path you have desired. It will help you in making that career change.  As Einstein once said, “Adversity introduces a man to himself. “

If you knew you were to make an error, you wouldn’t have made the decision; this is all character building, over time you will minimise those type of mistakes, helping you to move through certain obstacles quicker.

Make a decision that you are comfortable with, if you feel a career change is right for you at this moment in time, go for it.  If you don’t you will ultimately be edging at yourself to pursue the challenge, if there is a burning passion for action.  If you perceive the next steps as only rewarding, rewarding it shall be. If there is trepidation about your decision you will be faced with more indecision as you slowly proceed.

Decide exactly what you want to do for your career, you may have been thinking about this for some time, give yourself some clarity and then weigh up all of the options available to you. Once you have done that CREATE some more career options for the new career path.  All ideas are valid at this stage, until you undertake the process of elimination.

You wouldn’t be reading this if your career was not important to you, trust in yourself and make the career decision that you want. But do not regret it at any point, whatever the outcome, there will be challenges, it will require mental strength. Instead, learn from it and remember that you always have the chance to make better decisions in the future which will enrich your career even more. You will question why you didn’t do the career transition earlier.

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