Inertia don’t allow it to stop your Career Change.

If you are one of those people, who at present is feeling frustrated in a job or career you can’t bare, you must be strong in beating inertia for the good of your career and importantly your health.

Inertia can sap your energy and make you lose focus for the bigger picture. If you look at the below five tips these may help to invigorate you:

1. Update your CV, review it, ensure that you are putting all of the skills necessary that will sell and project you to make prospective employers take notice, put your transferable skills in there and anything you have recently accomplished.

2. Allow yourself to daydream.  You probably already have imagined yourself working outside of your current place of employment.  Now is the time to visualize what you want to do. Is it a career change? Do you want to go work for the competition? Do you want to start your own business? Write down your dreams and aspirations and start investigating your options, this is important, it helps to to frame your mindset, look at this link on visualising your career for more guidance.

3. Have you heard of the phrase, birds of a feather flock together? Well,  if you looked at yourself you may find that your present circle is doing nothing to free you from your present situation. It could be a good idea to widen your circle of friends and associates at this point, if changing your career situation means that much to you. If you do change your circle of friends you may find you begin to absorb fresh ideas from people who will do nothing but encourage and challenge you.  A positive attitude will vault you forward while negativity is a certain impediment. You will soon find your career change happens smoother than you thought.

4. The setting of goals can never be underestimated, telling yourself, “I want to have a new job or career change next year,” is not a concrete enough goal, when do you want it?  Develop your strategy on how you will leave your current job and enter your ideal new job. Incorporate all the steps you will need to take to get that new job which can include: a researching the career, making sure your CV is current and question yourself on actually what you want from your career.

5. Get yourself sacked, well not literally. As we have just discussed in the previous tip, there are occasions where we need  a push in our lives to make the tough decisions we dread, or fear. You can always “sack yourself” by setting a deadline as to when you will leave your current job. Tell yourself now, “this job has ended,” and be prepared to get moving.

You have full control over your inertia and only you can decide what to do about it in determining your next career move. If it is  time to move on. You know the answer deep down…

If you wish to discuss this in more depth, for an initial discussion, contact me….

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