Why would I need career change coaching?

Is your choice of career or job causing you confusion right now? Is going into work becoming dull and you lack motivation for it all? Are you concerned about your future? Have you looked at a particular industry and felt unsure of your next steps? These are all signs that you may well need career transition coaching.

The job search market and all of the services that it provides is worth millions of pounds today, especially in today’s market with people changing and transitioning to and from jobs and careers all of the time. As a result many of the traditional careers linked with it, like CV writers and recruitment consultants  have proved valuable to the job seeker. However, the role that has become so prominent within this sphere is that of the career transition coach.

A career change coach can provide so much to your career and this service is typically tailored to the individual.

The career coach will help you to explore you career options to understand what you actually like and don’t like all the while, understanding what you want your dream job to be.

You will be immersed in understanding what the challenges you face in your present job, why they are challenges, and arguably most importantly, what is preventing you from being happy at work. Is it lack of progression where you are? Is it your boss, or simply the organisation you work for?

There are some probing questions that the career transition coach will ask you to help you to get a better understanding of what your drivers are.  One key question is your perception on your present work place, is it an opportunity for you or something you just do?

If you undertake career plans, the career transition coach will help you to understand what has maybe prevented you from reaching the goals that you had originally set.

One of the most important steps here is the career transition coach will help you to set goals to reach. Goals that you have set but the career transition coach will ensure that they are realistic and obtainable. These will not be easy, as they would be no challenge in it, goals that inspire you to make your dream.

The career coach coach can offer so much more than has been discussed in this blog. It really can be as much as you want it to be. One thing I say to you, is never doubt yourself and keep believing in your abilities.

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