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Confidence in the path you choose.

Undertaking a new career path can be a strenuous task dependent upon how you handle it. One of the most troublesome aspects is when one is drawn to listen to the advise of others to dictate your path.

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Assessment of your career change answers.

Look at your answers to the career change questions did you find that you have more “True/Yes” answers?  If so, then a career change is probably in order.  Let’s probe a bit more to understand, why you may have answered … Continue reading

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Questions for Career Change

Still not sure if you should make a career transition?  If that is the case, read the below this may help you, a yes or no will suffice at this stage.

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Is a career change necessary?

It is not uncommon that people don’t like their jobs, it’s a reality of working life.  You will find those that love their job, will have times when work is not their most favourite place.

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