Questions for Career Change

Still not sure if you should make a career transition?  If that is the case, read the below this may help you, a yes or no will suffice at this stage.

1) There are few opportunities for growth within your company.

2) Your job is not mentally challenging?

3) There are not many jobs in your role?

4) Will your financial expectations be met in this career field?

5) You have realised that to sustain yourself in this career, you will need to further your training?

6) Are not motivated enough to make that effort?

7) You want to do something more with your life?

8)  You want to pursue a lifelong passion?

9) There is a new career you want to pursue, your research has illustrated you will be a good fit?

10) You have decided you want to work in a role, that will truly utilise your skills. The career you have had thus far is not conducive to this….

11) Your life has changed since you first got into this career and now the requirements of your job don’t bode well with your present situation?

12) Your occupation is too stressful?

Assess your answers to the above questions.  Have you found more yes/true answers?  If so, then a career transition may resolve your problem.

For further assessment we will need to understand why you may have answered how you have……go the link: Assessment of your career change answers to find out more.

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