Assessment of your career change answers.

Look at your answers to the career change questions did you find that you have more “True/Yes” answers?  If so, then a career change is probably in order.  Let’s probe a bit more to understand, why you may have answered the way you have.

1) If it’s the opportunity you desire, to grow your career, it’s important to be in an environment that will be conducive to that. Is it more responsibility that you  are after? Or a role higher up the hierarchy chain?  Are these things you won’t have if you stay with your current career or is an organisation change the route you need to undertake?

2) It is not uncommon, people  get bored with their work, before they undertake a  career transition, you may want to make sure it’s your career in general that is boring you, not just your current job. If it is your career, you should consider a career change.

3) If  your job market has few job openings, and you have explored all avenues to find other roles within it,  a career change may well be the most viable option.  Finding another  career that is most suited the skills that you possess may prove the best career move you make for your long term future.

4) This is an important point. We all aspire to make more money, bare in mind happiness does not come with higher earnings.  However, if your career is unfulfilled for other reasons, begin to consider your options for a career change, or a new job.

5) It is key to undertake the relevant research to understand what training you actually need to undertake to keep you competitive with your peers. Find out if your work place will fund or part fund the courses you choose. At times, some training can be demanding, don’t go into this half hearted.

6) If you aren’t satisfied with your career anyway, you may want to start exploring other options rather than stress about what you need to do but don’t have the desire or motivation to do.

7)  In general, if you find your career unfulfilled, that’s the number one reason to find a new career.  If you are happy with your job or career, this can contribute greatly to personal fulfillment which is something we all need. If you find your career is quite the opposite, a career change is your potential next step.

8) If you want to pursue your lifelong passion, follow your desires and don’t let anything restrict you, at the very least consider it as an option. The only thing to consider, is to undertake your homework first, to ascertain the career is the right choice for you.

9) As long as you’ve researched a possible new career choice, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t go for it if it seems like something that will make you happy.  In fact, this is a no brainer of course you should make your career change.

10) More often than not people have particular skills that a certain career can enhance, this alludes us to it.  However, the  specific skills you have for the role, are not being fully utilised.  It begs the question as to why do you need to pursue with the role?

11) If your life has changed significantly since you first began your career and the work life balance is in conflict, a choice is required to be made.  If you want work to dictate your every action stay how you are….

12) Life is stressful enough,  without work adding to it.  When one decides to career transition, it is important to understand whether its your career/job that is stressful or the career as a whole.  you decide to change careers, you should figure out whether it’s your occupation that’s stressful or just your particular place of employment. If it is your occupation, begin to make plans to career transition.

Career Change is never easy, job security is hugely important to many and rightly so.   However,  if you’re unhappy in your job and feeling unfulfilled, are you doing yourself justice by doing what you do day by day, taking all of your enthusiasm away.

We spend a lot of our time working, so it really is important that you do something with that time that is meaningful for you and will enhance your life rather than inhibit it.

If you think you need to refer back to the questions originally posed on follow this link: career change questions.

If you find you do want to proceed with your career change and want further help contact me I am more than happy to discuss this with you.

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