Am I capable of making a career transition?

You have wanted to make this career transition for so long, however you doubt whether you are capable to do this successfully. You need to change your limiting beliefs to make this a reality.

How do I do that then?

What are the things preventing you from starting your career transition? This is what you need to identify first. It will help if you wrote these things down, so that you can face them. When we write things down, in a funny way we become more empowered in what we face.

Look at what you have written, why are these things preventing your progress. Do they add value to your life? It must be providing you with something, you need to decide whether you have now really outgrown that something.

You are then able to assess how you can reassess that belief and build upon it for something different, to enable you to look at your career transition with a different outlook.

This leads to the final step, write down what you want to believe about yourself for your career transition. When we write an a goal or an affirmation, it is always good to write it in the present sense. This helps to convince the subconscious mind what you talk about is happening now.

You could say this for example, “I believe I am getting closer to the career transition that I have always wanted.

You have now begun the road to making this positive change for the career transition you desire. You need to keep believing in yourself to keep this positive flow.

This article on confidence on the path you choose may help you further.

If you wish to discuss this further please contact me for an initial informal chat.

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