Getting your Career Change Plan Together.

In anything we wish to accomplish it is important that you have a plan, developing a career change plan or a new job is no different.

Even if the plan is not stringent to begin with, it gives you some structure to work with. The plan should include milestones, deliverables, dependencies identified, and accomplishments (always forgotten in things like this).

In undertaking this route, it provides you with a road map to assess your success along the way, taking into consideration, what you have achieved and yet to complete.

With all of this comes the r word, responsibility. You need to accept responsibility for making this career transition, no one else will. People can support you, give you all of the advise under the sun , however, if you don’t take the lead and act with responsibility all efforts for change will be futile.  We don’t leave in a perfect world, but where possible, don’t allow the efforts that you initially put in, get ruined by you not being responsible and following things through to completion. It was once said, “anything worth doing is worth doing well.” Try adopting this as your motto, if succeeding in your career change is your goal, you can’t afford to take shortcuts. Always strive for the best.

If you wish to discuss this further, please contact me for an initial informal chat.

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