Don’t rush your Career Change

If you are intending to change your career with the ethos of undertaking a long term project with short term turn around, you will get frustrated and disappointed with the outcome.  Lifestyle goals such as keeping fit and adopting different dietary practices have to become habits in order to be effective.  Career Change also takes time and planning, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

With the advent of increased communication avenues, there is an expectancy amongst us to expect things to happen instantly, things don’t  always work this way, the same can be set of attaining your goals – change of career path included, it’s not instant.

When you want to train a novice a new skill, , you anticipate it will take time for the concepts to be learned and positive reinforcement to be embraced, patience being your friend along the training.   Your end goal is to get the novice to behave in a certain way. The same should be said of your career change, be patient, use your initiative and nurture yourself, so that you behave in the way to get the optimum from yourself to successfully change your career.

It is important to remember, whilst going for your career goals it is essential to be realistic and undertake a measured approach.  Try  breaking your long term goal, into sub sections of goals.  It is similar to preparing the foundations before you build a house.

Before you know it you will soon attain your career goal because of the approach you adopt. As you complete each sub goal, you become more motivated and satisfied, because the goal is getting closer.

If you have a will to succeed and are completely focused upon making your career transition,  your goals will be achieved in due time, you will look back and feel my controlled planned approach has all been worth it. The benefit is, you can use that same action again with something else if you wanted to.

If you wish to discuss this further, contact me for an initial informal chat.

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