Career Change a Full Time Job?

A career change is like undertaking a full-time job. Like a full-time job, you would start at a specific time, take an hour for lunch then leave at the specified time on your contract.  More importantly, you would work as hard as you can because your career would depend upon it. The same applies for a change in career, you need to have more knowledge and understanding as to what you are about to embark upon.

Making the transition from one career to another as much as it can be rewarding can be troublesome if not managed correctly.

If you treat the search like a part-time hobby it will be difficult.

2) Another way of looking at this is by treating your career change as a project. This will enable you to set goals for yourself, construct plans and monitor your progress.

As one will realise, the sooner you are in your new job and career the better you will feel to accelerate your career progress once more.

3) Be disciplined and set expectations for what you wish to accomplish, give yourself direction and monitor your progress.

Assess your progress weekly, it is recommended doing this, in the form of two reports. The first is a true evaluation of what you accomplished during the previous week. The second is a description of your plans for the coming week. Your plans should include your goals, actions, and priorities.

The first time that you write these reports, write an evaluation of what you have accomplished this far. Note the results that this effort has produced. It is advisable that you compare these results with what you wanted to have.

You are then in a position to map out a realistic plan for the next week based on attainable goals. For example, you could set goals for the number of people you will call, the number of networking meetings you will attend, and the research you will conduct.

In the coming weeks, compare the results that you obtained during the previous week with the goals that you had previously set. For example, if you planned to attend twelve networking meetings and you attended only two, you should a) explain why this happened and b) plan actions that will correct such a difference. You should also analyze why you missed your goal because this provides insights on what you need to do differently. For example, Your goal (e.g., of attending twelve networking meetings) may have been set too high.

Finding a new job, or indeed changing your career is certainly a role that requires full-time commitment. With the support of a good boss (You) will help you to succeed well beyond your expectations. Go on Try…..
I wish you the best of success.

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