Career Transition Fallacies.

As we embrace a change of career path, we will have to face many challenges, opinions and self doubt along the way. This article allows us to look at those things that may turn our thoughts away from a career transition, most of them are fallacies. People may tell you that you won’t make any money following that dream, it’s best you undertake something more practical, for a career.

This is something that should not be acknowledged, why can’t you make a living, a practical one at that from following your dream? There is a misconception that you have to give in to practicality, because doing what you love will not provide longevity for a fulfilling career.

This myth is rooted in fear. Fear that we have to sacrifice our happiness to make a living. Don’t buy the myth that you can’t earn a living by doing what you love.

If  you follow your heart desires for your career path you will be happy. When you look back over your career I am sure you would rather follow your desires than your regrets. I know which one you would most like to choose.

In these times when the press appear to be reporting constant doom and gloom with the economy and the job market, don’t allow this to phase you. There is more to the dynamics here.  The job market has changed, there are finer intricacies at force here.  The way we transition from job to job, career to career is different. The way organisations recruit individuals has also changed. Things are not necessarily tougher per say, we just need to adapt to the environment that we face, a failing of many not adapting appropriately.

You must believe that you can dictate your conditions and create the career that you want.

With anything you attempt to do in life you encounter some element of risk, why should a change of career path or change of job be any different? However, some would make you believe that changing your career is the biggest risk you could take, because you are leaving what you know for something completely new.  This is not a fair argument, we’ll discuss why.

If you are unhappy in your present career and choose to stay in it to please others, your are the risk, not the aspect of transitioning your career. You are at risk of making yourself unwell and not giving your present job your best if the conditions you face continue.

If you believe in yourself one hundred per cent and have that belief one needs in their convictions, there is no need for you to have a backup plan like everybody else. In fairness,  it is a sensible thing to do. Sometimes,  the back up plan, could restrict you from committing totally to the goal because you know are protected somewhat, you won’t get where you want if your hunger is waning.

If you have been trying to make the career change for a while and have not had many opportunities, you will at some stage hear someone say to you, “The job made for you is there, it will be perfect.” There isn’t one perfect job for you, there are a good few that are available to you. Most likely you have come close to a few of those type of jobs.  It may well be, that these jobs have been presented to you, however, the timing may not have been right for you, or another scenario could be that you were focused on other matters so subsequently the opportunity passed you by.

If you are in this mode of changing your career path or your career or job, stay vigilant so that opportunities are not missed to transition your career.

When you are considering a career transition, many different thoughts and considerations enter your head, you twist and turn questioning if a career transition is for you and if this is actually the right step for your career. If these questions and  thoughts, are taking you no closer to where you need to be try this. Instead of asking yourself, “ what’s the best thing I should do to transition my career?” ask yourself “what is best for me?” In doing so you are going to the source of the problem.  Deep down we all know what the answer is and what we should do, we allow lists and people’s opinions to sway us far too often. Be confident in the path that you choose, this is arguably the most important thing that you can do for yourself and your career transition.

It is a mistaken belief  that if you don’t like your job, that means you’re plying your skills in the wrong career.  This is totally the wrong way of perceiving things. It has nothing to do with your career choice how can it be?

If you are having challenges with your job, how can it mean that your career is not the right one for you? It doesn’t even mean you’re in the wrong job. You could just be working for the wrong manager or the wrong organisation. You need to ask yourself some sensible questions to understand if career change is necessary.

If you just accept that you will soon change your perspective on your negative feelings on your career and things will get better, they may well do. Naturally, we push the negative thoughts aside. At some point those niggling doubts creep back in and will not leave you alone. If you never make the career transition and look back over your career, do you want the regrets?

Don’t be afraid, go in search of your career goals and make that career transition that you desire. Don’t let old beliefs or others misunderstanding of your situation, distort your bright future.

If you wish to discuss this further, please contact me.

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